Renewed Awareness of our Carbon Footprint… and What You Can Do About It

-by Ed Weisberg

Over the past couple of years, the United States, as a country, has prioritized our economic global warming graphrecovery as a point of focus.  As a result, issues of global warming have fallen into the background.  Thankfully, it appears that our economic recovery is in process.  Thus, in President Obama’s inauguration speech, he again raised awareness of global warming and the importance of reducing all of our carbon footprints.  In his 2013 State of the Union Talk earlier this month, President Barack Obama further urged Congress to craft a plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

Two mCarbon_Footprint¨_cmykembers of Congress have taken the first step in response to the President’s challenge.  Senators Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders have proposed a bill to begin making firms accountable for their carbon footprint.  They have proposed a charge of $20 per ton of carbon from major polluters such as coal mines and oil refineries, rising 5.6 percent annually over 10 years.  “Climate change is a serious problem that requires dramatic action now, Sanders said at a Capitol Hill news conference, flanked by Boxer and environmental groups.  “The issue we’re dealing with today is not political,” he said. “What we are dealing with today is physics.” At GXT Green, we believe that the focus on arresting our effect on global warming is again becoming a priority for society as a whole.

One of the most visible and easily assessed sources of greenhouse gas that we can all affect is the pollution which comes from our cars and trucks. Progressive car manufacturers, as expressway toyotawell as car dealerships are beginning to chime in on means to help us minimize and offset our vehicles’ impact. GXT Green is currently working with two Boston car dealerships to help them offset this pollution.   Both Muzi Ford in Needham MA, and Expressway Toyota in Boston, have purchased GXT Green Wheel Seal offsets to counter the GHG emitted by their rental fleets.  Both firms have made major strides in making their facilities more sustainable through recycling, more efficient lighting, heating with used oil, and other solutions.  By purchasing Wheel Seal Medallions for their rental fleets, they have eliminated one of the major remaining sources of their impact on the environment.

Expressway Toyota has truly embraced this program. Their tagline is ‘Expressway’s the Best Way, the Green Way to Save You Money’.  By offsetting their rental fleet, they have taken this mission a step further. In an extremely competitive environment for car sales, they recognize that sustainability is a differentiator that drives new business. Thus, in their radio and TV ads, and on their website they talk about the GXT Green Wheel Seal program, and how it helps minimize their carbon footprint.  Customers who also wish to offset their vehicle’s pollution can talk to the folks at Expressway Toyota about Wheel Seals for their own cars.  This is a true partnership between the retailer, the consumer, and our environment. We hope you will consider reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint for your vehicle as well.

-Edward Weisberg is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, GXT Green

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